Protecciones de Alquiler En Espanol (Spanish Presentation)

Abogado de viviendas de CCLS Marcos Segura estará presentando información legal gratuito en español sobre lo último de las leyes de vivienda como resultado del COVID-19, y sus efectos con relación a los derechos de los inquilinos. Habrá oportunidad para preguntas y respuestas.

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COVID-19 Protecciones de Alguiler

Virtual Clinic Video Presentation

Virtual Clinic: Housing Law Update Regarding COVID-19

Watch CCLS Attorney Robert Cortez and Volunteer Attorney Douglas Gordon from Miles, Sears & Eanni break down the recent government and court orders in a simple and understandable way. They will focus on COVID-19 housing law changes that affect residential tenants.

Virtual Clinic PowerPoint


Virtual Clinic Video Presentation

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COVID-19 Tenant Protection

California courts have a new rule that your landlord cannot kick you out of your home (Evict You) in most situations during the COVID-19 crisis. Landlords can still give you an eviction notice and file evictions with the court. If you get something that looks like an eviction notice, seek legal help. The best way to protect yourself is to pay your rent on time if you are able to do so.

EnglishCOVID19CATenant Protection


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